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Country saying

A game to practice rhymes and rhythm in the group.

All players line up in a circle. Now a country rule (country saying) is recited in a clockwise circle, word for word (each player only one word), according to the (rhyme) pattern of the known country saying. For this exercise the country sayings should rhyme.


"Sow four beans as you make your row,
One to rot, and one to grow,
One for the pigeon, and one for the crow"

This exercise can be difficult because of the rhymes and the rhythm, so if you get muddled up, just start from the beginning again according to the "good-hearted" principle. The rhymes don't necessarily have to make sense. The fun and the even flow of words are at first in the foreground. Nevertheless, it makes sense to think ahead a little in rhymes and not to make it too difficult for the next man with the words. Make up new totally new country sayings and make fun choices.


  • Instead of being able to speak word for word, players can also speak only syllable for syllable, i. e.
"When(1) the(2) sun(3) goes(4) down(5) red(6) you(7) can(8) go(9) a(10)-head(11)...".

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