This exercise is called "Follow the King" or "Academy of silly walks" (based on Monty Python):

The players run in a chain through the room. The first is the "'King'", who leads the way.

The king can now walk especially abstruse through the room, jump over imaginary objects, crawl through tunnels,.... etc. and the following players have to perform exactly these actions.

Care must be taken to ensure that the imaginary objects remain at the point where they were established by the king, i. e. not all at the same time, for example, jump over an obstacle, but only at the place where the king has established them.

After a certain time, the king leaves the beginning of the chain and joins at the back. The first one is the new king.

The exercise can be continued with the Endless snake.

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last update: 2018-01-04
by Maitti Showhopper

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