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Fred Schneider

This warm-up is named after Fred Schneider, the singer of the B52s music group. Fred Schneider has a very distinctive way of performing his vocal vocals in the songs.

Each player tries to imitate the voice of Fred Schneider as best as possible.

All players stand in the circle, flick their fingers together in a common rhythm and shout:"Hey, Fred Schneider, what are you doing?", where player A points to player B.

Player B now tries to keep the rhythm and rap something he's doing in the style of Fred Schneider. This can be the biggest nonsense ("I sit on an elephant and shave a monkey" or something similar) etc. After that, everybody yells,"Hey, Fred Schneider, what are you doing?" and player B points to player C, etc. etc.

The group rhythm and fun is in the foreground, the faster it is played, the more absurd, but also the funnier the Fred Schneider passages become, because the players have no chance to think.


  • Thomas Middleditch's "Hey, Fred Schneider" Improv Game - CONAN on TBS:

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