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Gordian knot

The players form a close circle. They all close their eyes and then stretch their arms forward. Now everyone tries to grab a different hand with both hands. If everyone has found two other hands, the eyes are opened. The hands must not be let go during the whole game. The task is now to "unravel" the "node"in such a way that a normal circle is formed at the end. To do this, people have to make dislocations, climb over or under the arms of others, etc.

Note: it is not guaranteed that a single large circle is possible. It can also be two or more circles, which are hooked into each other or separated from each other. It's a coincidence. The goal is always to unravel the structure as much as possible.

The game is good for group formation (common goal, grasping hands, physical contact).


Each player gets a wooden stick of approx. 1 m long and holds it vertically with the right hand below and the right index finger underneath the end of the stick. Then each player places his left forefinger on top of any other stick. This creates a closed chain of players and rods. Now the knot is to be untangled. If possible, the rods are only touched at both ends with light finger pressure (feeling!). held. When unraveling, the improv principles of leading and following and "paying attention to the partner" are therefore also important in this variant, so that no staff falls off.

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