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Guess status

In this exercise, the expression of a status is practiced and one gets feedback whether the others have actually perceived the status as it is.

There are 11 status levels: 0 is the lowest, 10 is the highest.

The trainer gives a player the status level to be shown. The others are not allowed to see this; he can, for example, silently make this clear behind a wall with the help of the number of his outstretched fingers or he can write the numbers on cards and show one of them to the player. This one now steps in front of the others with the already "internalized" status and says a sentence agreed upon before the exercise begins. Then he/she leaves again - still in the agreed status.

On "command" the others show simultaneously with the help of the number of their outstretched fingers which status they have seen/experienced and can justify this afterwards.

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last update: 2020-02-23
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