This game is particularly suitable for theater sports matches as there is a winning and losing team. Prerequisite is a hat from the props.

Each team has one player on the stage and they play a scene. The player without a hat must now try to take off the player with a hat. This can be done by distraction or by skillful play.


  • Distraction: Look at the back, a flying fish - player turns around, hat is removed.
  • Skillful: Player looks at an ear, makes a surprised expression and asks for example:"But you have a nice earring. I'll have to take a closer look." The player with a hat doesn't pay enough attention and the hat is snatched away.
  • Ingenious: If the player without a hat finds a good reason to get the hat bearer to give him the hat, he has to voluntarily hand out the hat, everything else would be "blocking the scene". Unless he has a very good excuse for not giving up the hat.
Clear mistakes, where a player ducks and is grabbed close to the hat, are repeated in slow motion. However, such failed attempts are still considered "snatched away". It is allowed to hold the hat for a short time as far as the wearer of the hat has a good reason, like "Oh, now the wind almost blew my hat off.

The player whose hat is snatched away is replaced by a teammate from his team. Afterwards a completely new scene is played.

This happens until all players in a team have been "consumed".

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