You take any two objects. First of all, an object is passed on from A to the right partner B in the circle. Following dialogue:

A:"That's hey!"
B: Ah, hey!

Player B now turns to his neighbour C and passes on "Hey" with exactly the same sentence. To the question of C:"Who?" B is not allowed to answer "Hey" himself, but he has to ask back to his donor, i. e. to A, because he is forgetful. Only this one can answer the question "Who?" answer. Just like the question, the answer of A:"Hey" is given through the circle again. The further it goes in the circle, the more the participants give the question "Who" until it is finally put B to A and he gets the answer "Hey", which B then gives to C, C to D and so on. The item itself will not be returned.

Example with five players already involved:

D an E:"That's hey!"
E an D:"Who?"
D to C:"Who?"
C to B:"Who?"
B to A:"Who?"
A to B:"Hey!"
B to C:"Hey!"
C an D:"Hey!"
D an E:"Hey!"
E an D:"Ah, hey!"
E an F:"That's hey!" etc.

When "Hey" has passed some players, the same thing starts with "Ho" - but in the opposite direction. It gets dangerous and error-prone when a player's "Hey" and "Ho" or the Who question meet. Then one thing is especially true: If you think too much, you've already lost.

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last update: 2017-08-30
by Guido Boyke

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