The players are in a circle. One of them makes a discreet gesture or movement to his neighbor, if necessary. accompanied by a word or sound. The next one does the same thing, but a little stronger. That's the way it goes, always a little bit higher - until it doesn't work anymore. Then the person who no longer sees any possibility to increase begins a new round.

Variation: If the gesture or movement can no longer be increased, the next person slowly weakens it again until it is barely noticeable.

Is there more?

This exercise is a variation of "increase" in which pairs have formed that spread out in space. One (A) makes some tiny little gesture. The other (B) is totally enthusiastic about this actor's performance, shows this enthusiasm and asks at the same time "Can there be more? A now repeats the gesture, this time a little bit bigger. B is even more enthusiastic, etc.

The goal is to get A out of itself through this feedback and the principle of the increase until the small action escalates into its absolute maximum. The voice may of course also be included.

The partners then change roles.

The purpose of the exercise

Good for beginners who are still hampered in acting! Get to know the whole range of physical expression possibilities, reduce inhibitions, enjoyment through positive feedback (enthusiasm)

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last update: 2019-02-27
by Guido Boyke

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