In this somewhat macabre warm-up game, players stand in a circle with one person standing in the center. The player in the center points to one of the other players. While he is pointing, he says a certain phrase. Now the player being pointed to must work together with the players to his left and right and, as quickly as possible, portray the character denoted by the phrase. If one of the three players is too slow, or plays an incorrect character, he must go to the center of the circle. In order to keep the proper pacing of the game, the player in the center can also count. E.g. "washing machine 1 2 3 4 5". The player and his two neighbors have time to form the character until the number "5" is reached.

One starts with a few figures, which are to be memorized and then one increases their number.

The following characters are possible:

M = Middle player N = the neighbours, that is, the two players on the left and right

  • Kennedy M: bent over, looking to the earth.  N: a stretched arm with fist, only the index finger is stretched (= Weapon) and directed to the head of M, while the other hand grasps the wrist of the extended hand.
  • Jesus M: Stands crucified,meaning with arms laterally extended, a leg kicked over the other, head obliquely inclined forwards.  N: kneels praying in front of M.
  • James Bond M: If lounging on one foot with the other leg slightly angled only on tiptoe The extended index finger (= weapon) he holds under his mouth and blows into, that is, into the "muzzle" of the weapon, the rest of the hand is clenched into a fist. N: Supports himself with both hands on the shoulder of M and then, melting, says: "Oh James!"
  • Exhibitionist M: Opens his imaginary coat wide. N: Both look at him and screech.
  • Elephant M: Grabs his nose with one hand, the other - stretched - arm goes through inside of other arm, then moves up and down (trunk). N: Places both arms as semi-circles open towards M, forming the ears.
  • Kangaroo  M:  Stretches their folded hands as far as they can (pouch). N:  Sticks their head into the arms, looking out of the pouch.
  • Puking Kangaroo  M:  Stretches their folded hands out (pouch). N:  Bends over the pouch and pukes into it.
  • Kamikaze  M:  Peaks their index finger and thumb of the right hand together and joining the hands--building a horizontal 8 figure--and hold it up to their eyes (glasses).  Better still:  the glasses are held with the palms against the jaw, so that the ribbon on old aviator hats surround it and M's (inevitably) outstretched elbows look like airplane wings. N: Each stretches their arm on the side away from M straight out (wings).
  • Aeroplane M: Hold the controls and make engine sounds like "brrrrrr", etc. N: form the wings (c.f. Kamikaze).
  • McDonalds M: bends itself at the front N: Pat M on the back.
  • Broiler M: Turn oneself around several times with arms wrapped around one's self. N: Clasp hands together, M. turns him also inside his arms.
  • Toaster M: Hops several times with arms straight up. N: Hold both hands with each other, so that M hops between the arms
  • Broken toaster like toaster, only here the N and M stay.
  • Mixer 1 M : stretches his arms straight up. N: Turning himself in circles.
  • Mixer 2 M: Stretch arms diagonal from the sides up, so high that the Ns pass under the palm-down open hands of M. N: Turn themselves under the respective hand on its axis.
  • Washing machine M: Stoops himself in front and rolls the arms in front of the body. N: Does the same, only turned in the direction of the middle player.
  • Nuclear Power Station M: The Woman punches her fists in the air and shouts "Bang!". N: With backs turned to M they say: "Radiation, radiation, radiation" and show with their hands the escaping radiation cloud of a nuclear power plant.
  • Lamp Post M: Stand straight with arms upwards. N: Lift a leg and pretend to pee on the "Lamp Post."
  • Palm Tree M: Forms the Palm fronds with outstretched arms . N: Move the hips and say "Hulahula."
  • Locomotive M: Stretches his arms out and claps the hands like lights flashing on and off N: Do with their arms circular motions like wheels.
  • The three Mexicans: All three players move together and act as if they are playing air guitar on small guitars while singing "Lalalala."

Asynchronous figures: (Every player must pick out a role for themselves and the three players must unite quickly and unnoticed.)

  • The Three Monkeys one keeps to himself: the mouth, one's ears, and, third, the eyes.
  • Fire department One player pumps water, one holds the hose and a third turns a hand over their head and imitates the sound of a fire engine siren.
  • Band One player sings "La-la-la", one plays guitar and the third drums.
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