One has to be clear in the theatre group how one creates kissing scenes. In particular if the group members still do not properly know that a kissing scene, that was earlier expressed in the form of avoidance behaviour, can become embarrassing. Also the kisses of an "enemy" person in a theatre may for some amateur actors be unpleasant.

There is the so called film kiss for which must be trained beforehand.

One can for example place one's lips - with a shut mouth - upper - below or at the side of the lips to the others. If one is then positioned suitably to the audience, then, as a rule, the artificial kiss does not stand out.

However, assume the with the amateur actor and the artificial kiss also, a certain level of familiarity and ability to pretend.

One can agree to avoid kissing scenes (see also taboos)

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last update: 2015-05-14
by Guido Boyke

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