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Marriage Guidance

A game for three players. One player is the therapist, the other players are the couple for treatment. The first couple is sent out and the audience chooses and animal whose characteristics the player accepts. The second couple then follows.

With the counseling now both couples have to guess their animal and its character. Because each other and the therapist knows the animal, they can and should give hidden clues.

The guessing-game is solved when each are mutually reconciled while one says the pet-name (in the form of the animal) which the marriede couple uses. For example my little bee, my desrt boat.

variation: One does not know the animal of the opponent but his own and accepts those characteristics from the beginning. Then one has to guess the animal of the couple as well as find a suitable pet-name.

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last update: 2016-10-12
by Guido Boyke

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