The stage will be prepared with mousetraps. There may well be a whole lot, such that it will be difficult to walk on the stage without stepping into one of such traps. After that, the players are blindfolded and they take off their shoes, and preferably also their socks, such that they will play barefoot. The scene will thus be played blindly and with bare feet. The players should not walk too carefully across the stage since stepping on a trap is actually intended.

For the audience, this can be very fun, because just the idea to blindly run through a room with mousetraps, appears absurd. It is important that the setting is properly explained in advance and as such the tension ("hopefully he does not step onto the trap") is increased. The greatest effect will be achieved if the audience feels like they can suffer along with the players.

I have also seen this game, the players have hardly reacted when a mouse trap snapped on their foot. With that, then any effect in the audience went lost too. Needless to say, the players need to play in a manner which shows that they do not like stepping into the traps and when it happens that it hurts, of course. This can and should also be shown.

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