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Multi-headed Expert

At least three players form a character, the multi-headed expert. To achieve this they stand next to each other and put their arms around the shoulders of the adjacent players. Like this the three-headed expert has a left and a right arm and can therefore move like a normal person.

The expert speaks with one voice, meaning that all three players speak at the same time and try to say the same thing. When the players speak slowly enough this can work exceedingly well.

The expert can be included in a "normal" scene, or appear within the realms of an expert's game. In the expert's game, the expert is questioned about a subject by a host and tries to answer these questions.

The host should make sure that the questions can't be answered in too short a way. Recommended are questions including how and why.

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last update: 2015-05-14
by Guido Boyke

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