An exercise i.e. a game for three players. The players form a hierarchy (A has the highest status, B the middle, C the lowest). It's governed by the following rules:

  • A speaks only to B (asking questions and giving orders)
  • B "just passes by" (passes the questions and commands to C and gives A back the answers and feedback from C). B plays a conventional "Biker" (bucking up, kicking down)
  • C is on the one hand the idiot, on the other hand, though, the de facto handler of the entire scene. He answers the questions from B, executes the commands, and gives feedback.



The player with the lower status is beaten with a balloon.

The three crooks

Basing on these ground rules, one can play out an amusing scene applying the following additional rules:

  • The players are three somewhat stupid crooks who want to commit a crime (i.e. rob a bank). The type of crime is suggested by the audience.
  • All three carry a hat (cap, helmet etc). When they get enraged, each one of them has a habit of throwing his hat to the ground and performing a tic. The tic is determined beforehand by the audience and may also be utterly absurd (i.e. singing a song, ironing...)
  • He must stay in this tick state until one of his subordinates put the hat back on him.
  • Only C is allowed to put his hat back on by himself.
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