A performance gives the group the opportunity to implement the experience of the exercises in front of an audience.

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Generally speaking, a group should perform as soon as possible after the most important basics (Status,Accept,...) are known. Just this takes the Stage fright early and lowers Failures. For this purpose, the audience consisting of friends and relatives should be invited to a Showcase. These are generally benevolent towards the players and not as critical as guests, especially if they have been asked to enter.


The schedule of the evening should always be determined beforehand. For beginners, it may also be useful to specify who plays which games (see also Program). At the beginning of the performance, the Audience should be warmed up by the Moderator Warming up the audience. It is important that Beginning and End of a Scene.

A performance should last at least 30 minutes, because including warming up of the audience this time is needed to present the minimum number of 3 games. For performances with a break this should take place after 3/4 hour (as a rule of thumb). The intermission can be used to prepare the Game. Without a break, the maximum duration of 1 hour should not be exceeded, because after this time the attention of the audience decreases.

Performance design

Possibilities are

  • Show - a line up of games
  • Theatre sports
  • Impro-Soap
  • Gorilla Theatre
  • Micetro
  • Life Game
  • Harold night

See also

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