The players are in a circle. One begins and picks any object from the air. He holds it in a certain way and presents it to his neighbour as a gift. The neighbour is happy about it, defines what the gift is and thanks. Then he puts the gift away and picks a new gift from the air, etc.


  • A picks an oblong object and hands it over to B:"Here, I give you this."
  • B:"Ui, great! A machine gun! I've always wanted that! Thank you!"
  • B puts down the machine gun and picks a heavy, melon-sized object:"Here's a present for you!"
  • C:"Oh, wow, a bowling ball! Great!" and so on.

So one player makes a gestural default and the other player defines what it is. (As always applies: take the first association, don't try to be original.) The surplus must, of course, immediately accept the recipient's verbal offer (even if he or she thought of a completely different object). The two can, if they want, also change 1 to 2 friendly sentences with each other, e. g. highlighting the special features of the gift, for which they may need it, or similar.


You can imagine an imaginary tree whose branches hold the presents. The size, shape, etc. of the gifts must of course be as varied as possible.

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last update: 2017-12-28
by Maitti Showhopper

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