This warm-up and play practice have to be prepared. First of all short musical pieces in as many different styles and periods as possible are played on the recording medium. Thus at best for example from the Baroque to Techno, from Gregorian Chant to Punk. The 30 to 50 seconds should give a precise sample of the music titles represented (for example contain chorus and song). These examples will now be put together in a varied mixture without pauses on to a sound recording medium.

In the training session, the storage media will be played back. The participants form themselves into a loose semicircle. When a new piece of music begins, one of the participants steps in front of the group and makes suitable mouth and body movements to the current piece, while the other accompany him appropriately, e.g. as a choir (if a choir comes in the piece) as a band, orchestra or ballet etc.. A new piece begins, the playback steps back into the semicircle and another steps forward and "sings" making the appropriate body or dance movements and so on.

With help of this game/exercise not only warms one up, but it can also be rehearsed to (give and take) focus, presence and ensemble.

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last update: 2019-02-26
by Guido Boyke

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