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Rebrand things

The players walk around the room and name the things in the room. They should touch the corresponding objects. For example, "wall." "Corner." "Radiator," etc. The whole thing for about a minute or two.

Then you do the exercise again, but name things differently this time. For example, someone touches the chair and says "applesauce". One person touches the floor and says "handbag". It is easier to name objects spontaneously and quickly if you form a chain of associations.

Then the players come together and report on their experiences. Has the room changed in their perception? (For many people the room will now subjectively appear smaller or more familiar, perhaps the colours are more intense or the contours clearer).

This warm-up game is very good to get familiar with a new room. It also trains " schizoid thinking".

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last update: 2020-02-23
by Guido Boyke

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