A game for 4-5 players.

A player stands in the center and will quickly exchange places with where the other players started. The player asks a question in the form of a statement with suitable gestures and facial expressions to which the center player immediately reacts. Straight after this reaction comes the next player with the next question, etc. The player takes two steps back after their turn. Between turns, there is a change (in a topic?) but this isn't said every time.

This game is suitable for example in cases when one wants to show the life of a person in scene fragments from childhood to death (as in a time-lapse film). Who the person is and which parts of his life shall be played is decided by the audience, for example, you can allow a prominent person to take any other career

Example (D "stands in the revolving door"):

  • A: (D acts like a mother to her child) "Now, eat your porridge nicely, to get big and strong!"
  • D: (playing the child) "But I'm already full, Mommy."
  • B: (tapping D on the shoulder) "Today is an important day in your life! I'm proud of you!"
  • D: (showing excitement) "I'm so excited about the school!"
  • C: (playing a silly schoolfellow) "Hey!  Why are you wearing such silly clothes!"
  • D: (showing anger) "Say it again, and I'll punch you in the nose"
  • A: (dabs his face) "My poor boy. I must report this to the school principal Pretends to be sad (worried) "awe - not there!"
  • etc

The other players may keep their roles once they have been chosen; however, when required by the game, they may also change them (for example the one playing the mother may play the lover of the grown-up child).

Hints: fast game, no pauses, be original (no repeats). Another important thing is to do a bigger time lapse, so the game will come to an end.

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last update: 2019-02-22
by Guido Boyke

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