(For as many people as desired)

The first sings the chorus as far as possible simply to denote the text , one, maximum two lines.

This he repeats till he has drowned the others.

Then, un-noticed a second person gives a line that he can sing without pause, which verse fits the chorus and rhymes as far as possible with the forth line, following the chorus sung by the first person.

This is followed by verse two, sung by person 3, which relates only to the chorus, not to verse one, followed person 1 with the refrain..

Person 4 comes in with the third verse and person 1 with the chorus, after the chorus the heightening, big finish, again ( maybe a tone higher) the chorus by all with good conclusion (letting dying away, last words repeated, last lines repeated etc.)

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last update: 2015-05-20
by Guido Boyke

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