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Slumdog Impronair

The game Slumdog Impronair is a long form game, inspired by the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

The game begins with six contestants and a presenter. The One sitting in the candidate chair of the game show "Who wants to Be a Millionaire" we get to know better. As in the movie, each contestant is experiencing flashbacks, explaining why he knows the answer to the question. In this way, the audience slowly learns the whole life of the contestant. The other contestants sit in the rear of the stage. They play roles from the life of the main actor, who plays himself.

You can play this too - similar to the film - with an actor playing as a contestant. To evade the problem that the hero is the same in all tales, one can allow to pull the telephonejoker, and the called person will be the hero in the next tale. Or you rework the candidate to a minor figure,and let another player be the hero. The information that leads to the right answer of the quiz question must not even be experienced by the candidate, but can e.g. be passed on by his best friend, who then passes it to the candidate.

Sometimes you let the audience write questions and the correct answers on small cards. All players, except the main candidate, know all the solutions, and act in scenes alongside him, so he is able to give the correct answer. In this way, the audience gets engaged and the game gets another "amusing" touch.

This format is being played for whole evenings by the Impro-Leck-TuAls from Switzerland since the release of the movie Slumdog Millionair.

Important: the music and the light effects can not be the same as those of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" -- copyright! Endemol gives however the permission, if you write them and inform them.

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