On the floor 9 cards are distributed in 3 x 3 rows at the same distance. Two players place themselves on each one of the notes. Principle: It is only allowed to talk after you have moved to another piece of paper and put it on it. It may only be moved in a straight line between two pieces of paper, whereby it does not have to be one of the adjacent pieces of paper. One may, for example, go from the note at the back right to each of the notes in the front row.

  1. Exercise: The players move and then act without speaking: feeling, expression, gestures
  2. Exercise: The players say a sentence in Gromolo after the move. This is also about expression and feeling.
  3. Exercise: Players say ONE sentence in German after changing places. Here again, it is about expression and feeling.

With this game you train not only the expression of emotions but also presence, the creation of tension and the principle of action and reaction. You find out that it's not necessarily a matter of a lot of speeches. In addition, the use of the existing space will be practised.


  • The game is of course also possible with 4 x 4 = 16 cards/fields.
  • Each exercise ends after 3 actions/changes per player.

"See also" Action and Reaction

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