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Presence means the active Charisma of a person on the stage perceived and felt by the audience, it is present as a person for the viewers conspicuously present or present.

Looking at presence from the actor's side, it means that behind his/her behaviour, behind the way he moves, how and what he talks about, his person and personality becomes visible.

Stage presence consists of the following elements:

  • Body language, i. e. expression and movement of the body is targeted, clear, authentic, taut,
  • Voice - appropriate in tempo, volume, expression, timbre. I. e. voice firm, middle pitch (not shrill), slowly, articulated clearly,
  • Centering the Energy: This means that I am concentrated and focused every moment and that I am visible on stage. The energy "shatters" e. g., if during the speech as moderator unmotivatedly I frequently change my mainstay, wrestle my hands, my gaze is unsteady and not (also) directed into the audience.
  • congruence of inner and outer posture
  • intensive contact with the audience

Stage presence is determined by many factors, some of which are unconsciously transmitted and perceived.

Lack of presence means that viewers perceive the following consciously or unconsciously: passivity, ambiguity, uncertainty, insecurity, lack of energy, lack of drive, effort, effort, weakness, nervousness, nervousness, inappropriate expression of emotion ("poker face" or "hysterical" behaviour), inattentiveness, stooping and flaccid posture.

Entering the stage

The time of entering the stage is important. When I step on stage, I turn from a private person into a public person. Accordingly, my Posture must change accordingly. If I do not act as Character, but as a person (e. g. as Moderator or as an actor at the beginning of the Performance then my posture is firm, the body is erect, I look friendly, am focused, awake, perceive the Audience, etc. etc. These are all points that also define presence.

Training of presence

The presence of players and Moderator can be increased or trained if you have the imagination to act, either to shoot arrows at the spectators, to have a force field or something like that around you to wear a shining, sparkling gemstone (diamonds) on your chest. It is advisable to try out all three variants and finally decide on the most pleasant/functioning performance.

Related terms

Stage presence has a lot to do with the following characteristics and terms: Charisma, radiation, aura. Charismatic persons usually also have a stage presence (Barack Obama would also impress on the domestic ImproTheater stage), but stage-present people don't necessarily have charisma (outside the stage).

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