Great game to get to know each other and remember the names of the participants.

The participants form a circle. The first person says her name and makes a gesture to every syllable of her name.

Example: Peter. The name Peter consists of two syllables (pe-ter). So Peter makes a gesture for every syllable. Peter says "Pe" and stamps his foot on the ground with one leg. Peter says "ter" and grabs his nose with his thumb and index finger.

Each player repeats this pattern with his own name. If all participants have made gestures to their syllables, the next level begins.

Now a player says another person's name and makes the gestures that that person has made to his own name before. Afterwards, this person repeats his or her own name and gestures. Then she calls another person's name (and makes the appropriate gestures, of course)

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last update: 2017-09-13
by Guido Boyke

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