Two players start a normal scene. Whenever it fits in the further course of the scene, two other players speak now the conscience of the respective players. They can stand off and use a microphone. But it is better if they are directly behind the player whose conscience they are. Conscience speaks in direct speech to the player, comments and gives him rules or expresses doubt. The player can, but does not have to, enter into dialogue with his or her conscience.

It becomes interesting when the conscience is in contradiction to the actions or statements of the player. For example, a couple can celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, both compliment each other and are happy about the happy relationship. The conscience of the players, however, reveals completely different thoughts. Maybe she's thinking about the things she has to do the next day, or he's thinking about his mistress.


  • Each conscience player plays the conscience of one player at a time
  • Both conscience players both play the conscience of a player (one is the good one, the other the bad conscience, so to speak angels and devils)
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last update: 2017-08-30
by Guido Boyke

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