Voice is a game (or exercise) for two players. Player A acts on stage while player B plays only with his voice.

Player A is on stage, at any time you can hear the' Voice' (player B). The players now have to develop both together, where the voice comes from and who or what the voice is.

Example: Player A on stage

B: (silent) Hello. A: What is it? B: (loudly) Haallo... A: Now I'm hearing voices, ts ts. B: Can't you see me? ... and so on, the two players develop the figure of the voice. Maybe voices belong to a little mouse, a hand that flies in the wind or is the guilty conscience of player A.

Variant: The conversation with the object is interrupted by a player C, who enters the stage, because he does not hear the voice and is surprised, with which player A talks. Possibly. Player C also hears the voice.

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last update: 2017-08-31
by Guido Boyke

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