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Three dead characters

Three (or four) players stand in a row on the stage and the host asks the audience for a type of death for each of them. The players now represent the dead, who tell how their deaths happened. The goal is that everyone dies in the same place at the same time. All players now turn around and stand with their backs to the audience. The first player turns around and introduces his character briefly. Then he turns around again and the next one introduces himself until everyone is through. In this first round, just the character of the figure will be defined. The story pieces can be related to each other, but they can also be completely independent of each other.

In the second round, the location is introduced, everyone turns around one after the other and tells the story. The first player introduces the place with his story, the others take over the place. In the best case, everyone is in one place at the end of the round and can tell everyone how they died in the third and last round.


  • In the first two rounds concentrate on the characters and the location and choose them regardless of the type of death (do not already work towards the death of the character) - this makes the final and the linking of the stories more exciting.


  • The players lie flat on the stage, their feet towards the audience, and - turned towards the audience - only stand up when and as long as they talk.
  • The performance of the character can be omitted.
  • The players sit bent over on a chair, only the speaker straightens up.
  • There are not exactly three rounds, but the players speak, if they feel like it, if necessary also not in a certain order.
  • No type of death is asked for, but something else.
  • Also known as a coffin game, fits well to Halloween (shows) and the genre horror movie.
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by Guido Boyke

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