4 to 6 players are sitting on the stage, spread out well.

The game master now whistles or claps his hands at different intervals. At each signal, any number of players can stand up, sit down, stop or sit. Each player decides for himself. This results in a lot of different player constellations. All players who are standing will play a scene until the controller claps again. As soon as the constellation changes, a completely new scene begins.

At the beginning, the game director asks the audience for a general concept under which the scenery is to run, e. g. agriculture, traffic, holiday

This game can be played endlessly, so it is up to the game master to finish it at some point. This can happen, for example, if all the players in a signal are sitting on the bench.

Notes and remarks

  • The game is - besides Freeze Tag - well suited as a starting game for a performance.
  • It's a good way to reduce the fear of solo scenes, because when you're suddenly left alone, you have to conjure up something fast on your own.
  • Sitting on the floor has the advantage that the players can act more in the room: while clapping, they can sit down at the end of the scene where they have just played.
  • By default, you can use a place where all the scenes are to be played, e. g. a schoolyard - whereby the scenes don't all have to be played on the same schoolyard!


  • Instead of the game leader, a squatting player can clap and then play.
  • When a player constellation is repeatedly up, the scene previously established in this constellation is continued. This can be done seamlessly, but it can also be hours, days, etc. have passed. All that matters is that the same people keep playing the same scene.
  • The players sit on chairs, i. e. the scenes are mostly played on a verbal level, because you can't walk away from your seat.
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