In this exercise the players can train perception, walking, encounter, status, posture and character.

Game idea: The typical and well-known situation - two groups face each other on a busy (wide-width!) street at the pedestrian lights - is played as an improv. A third group observes if possible. Both groups stand and look (traffic light, opposite, street). On the impulse of a player all go off (green), meet (status), avoid, jostle, etc.. All take an attitude or give themselves a figure/role. But nothing will be arranged in advance! At both ends of the room the players turn around, at the traffic lights they stop again, then the exercise starts again from the beginning (with and without speech possible).


The faces become empty, you watch your own group and the group across from each other, one of them starts too early and flinches back, cars are followed with the gaze and maybe commented on, a truck drives through water and in the front all get wet, it rains, snows, is hot, the traffic lights break.... The two imaginary traffic lights and the pedestrian crossing are installed before the start of the game.

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last update: 2018-01-04
by Maitti Showhopper

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