A player is on the vacation in Gromololand. He complains to a hotel employee about something bad in his hotel room. Because the hotel employee (who could only speak and understand Gromolo) couldn't understand him, a second hotel employee came to translate, back and forth between the disgruntled hotel guest and the hotel employee.

Guideline for the public: Something having to do with him/her having complaints about the vacation (ants in the bed, a missing beach view etc.).


The translator naturally manages the scene, as he only understands the hotel employee.

The hotel employee, that only speaks Gromolo, should work more with guests to make it easier for the translator.

Variation: Later there comes a fourth player into the scene. He is a hotel guest that only speaks gibberish and yet naturally mystifies the translator even more. This is especially funny, here are the passages that the translator translated from Gromolo to Gibberish and then back again.

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last update: 2016-09-26
by Maitti Showhopper

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