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The title of a book that does not yet exist is queried. One of the players is the narrator. He is located at the edge of the stage. He sits on a chair and works on a fictitious typewriter or - more modern - a fictitious computer keyboard. He tells the story he is typing. As soon as he has told some elements, the players take over or consider this and start the scene. Both - player and writer - influence each other. The players, for example, can influence the writer's narrative through certain actions. The writer can - if dramaturgically necessary - change the location of the story, introduce new characters, work with tilts or flashbacks. He can - exceptionally (!) - also "force" dialogues: "Horst shouted angrily: ...". Only experienced players who are well versed in the dramaturgy of improvisation scenes should act as typewriters. The focus of the stage action is on the actors, the typewriter has more the function of a keyword giver, emergency helper and initiator and creates the framework through the opening and closing monologue.

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last update: 2020-02-23
by Guido Boyke

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