This exercice is suitable for a large group.

The players stand in a circle. The game master sends two vowels into the circle. Initially he gives his right handed or left handed neighbour an "a". This person then says an "a" to their next neighbor, but pronounced differently, because each player has to make the same vowel differently: short or long, high or low, spoken or sung, etc. If players want to, they can take breaks, until they pass on their "A". Occasionally, they should make pauses, otherwise, the second volume is not batch or be sent: The first speech pause using the GM to loud / vocal to send the second in the round. Now for the same neighbours as the "A" he speaks an "o". This "o" is now shaped individually in circles. But important: It must be forwarded to the nearest neighbours only if a deliberate pause in speech in the "A" chain was allowed.

Pre-exercise / similar exercise

A vowel given by the quizmaster circles around. The vowel is to be spoken as short as possible and the breaks should be as short as possible. Pitch and volume can be varied. The GM can compete with the (stop) clock, how long it takes until the sound arrives to him again.

This exercise in particular the interaction and respect the succession to be trained.

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