This game is more or less a variation of Begriffskreis but it actually is 10 times more complicated. than Begriffkreis itself. :)

The players position themselves in a circle.

A player begins the game, with precisely targeted eye contact at someone, he points and says "you". The player who receives the "you" in turn does the same to pass it on. This continues until everyone has had one turn The last player tells "You" to the first player again. At the same time, it is for you to establish who has become a target and who is caught in the same endlessly repeating loop

Second Chain

It is the first chain that let you add to a second one with a different order, for example, a revolving term, one also adds a different subject (e.g. fruit) and everyone must then follow with a related word (e.g. apple). Both chains then let you go through at the same time

Further Chains

You throw differently sized or colored balls.

Place (Player A goes to the place of player B, player B to the place of player C)

- More terms

- Pass to the player next to you all the time (maybe not the conventional round, but allows to gain a point.

- Sounds (emotional (eg. happy) or situational (eg. at a horse race))


When someone does not react, you simply stare for a long time until he does.

Playing regularly will increase the power of concentration. Then there will be even more chains. With a very experienced group, we can have up to 5 chains, who can do more?

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last update: 2019-02-27
by Guido Boyke

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