A warmup and concentration exercise for at least 3 players. The group forms a circle.

There are three impulses:

  • Zoom: A "Zoom" can be passed on to every player, but not to one who gets a "Schwatz" or "Makeafakeliano". (You clap to someone and say "Zoom").
  • Schwatz: A "Schwatz" is a "Zoom" which is returned to the "Zoom"-giver, but instead you just say "Schwatz".
  • Makeafakeliano: A "make a fake liano" is a "Zoom", which you give back to the player you received the impulse from, but instead you look at another player.

In case of the following errors you will be excluded from the circle:

  • You don't pay attention, and you don't react or you don't respond.
  • You get a "Zoom" and return a "Zoom" to the same person.
  • You get a "Schwatz" and return a "Zoom" to the "Schwatz"-giver.
  • You give a "Makeafakeliano" with a view back to the "Zoom"/ "Schwatz"-giver.
  • A "Makeafakeliano" is passed on and you are looked at. Since the impulse does not apply to you, you must not react. If you react, you get kicked out.
  • If a "Makefakeliano" follows a "Makefakeliano", you have to be very careful because it goes back to the player before the previous player.

The last two people who remain have won.

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last update: 2018-01-04
by Maitti Showhopper

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