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apartment building

The form apartment building all the scenes within a house play in different apartments. In these three to four storylines, stories with several scenes develop that take place approximately at the same time. The neighborhood proximity allows the individual residents or visitors to get in touch with each other, whether through the perception of events (noises, something in front of the house, smells, news, gossip etc.) or through direct interaction. It is a good idea to establish contrasting concepts of life or views of the figures.

The equipment of the scenes is initially provided by the audience, specifications for each story line as well as for the house in general can be obtained. The players can play different roles if they want to make them clearly distinguishable. Ideally, only one character per player is ideal for an apartment.

Everything is possible as a change of scene, i. e. blinds by light or music, calls, focus change, departure etc. Time jumps are rather difficult to incorporate and affect all apartments (since the stories play at the same time), which can quickly lead to misunderstandings.

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by Guido Boyke

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