In the chorus groove (also known as Conclusion song), 5 to 7 players/singers are placed side by side on stage. The host asks the audience for a sentence. The musician plays a catchy, simple melody. The players/singers stand loosely and move easily in time with the music. The first one in the series now sings four lines of rhyming words on the given music - the text should match the sentence from the audience. The second one does the same with a new 4 line verse. The third player/singer is responsible for the chorus. He should be especially strong in singing because he has to remember the melody of the chorus - just like the musician. He sings several times as a chorus the phrase from the audience, the other players tune in. After that, the fourth and fifth player/singer with their 4 line verse will come along, then the third person will sing the chorus again. This is followed by the sixth and seventh player/singer and chorus. The singing should be "grooving", engaged and entertaining. You can agree with the musician that he will install a solo at a certain moment, e. g. before the chorus will repeat at the end.

Flowchart for 5 players A, B, C, D, E:

  • A: 1st verse
  • B: 2nd verse
  • C: Chorus (all tune in)
  • D: 3rd verse
  • E: 4th verse
  • C: Chorus (all tune in)
  • Possibly a solo of the musician
  • All: chorus repeat and end

Variant: You start with the chorus.

Additional information

  • The chorus groove is well suited as the last piece of the show, i. e. as an encore. If things go well, the audience will leave the venue with melody and chorus in their heads!
  • Instead of a given sentence, one can also sing about a term given by the audience.
  • Common dance performances during the singing, common, coordinated flipping etc. are also welcome.
  • it can be useful to tell a story, e. g. if it is is sung about a potatoe, not to sing about the advantages and disadvantages of all players, but to integrate the potatoe into a story, e. g. by the farmer who gets to know his dream wife at a weekly market where he sells potatoes.
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