A real object from the audience is placed on a stage. The object is really the object it is. This object specifies the location of the first scene, i. e. the location inspires a place where such an object can lie.

Examples: Knives -> circus management (knife left by the knife thrower), drumsticks -> rehearsal room of a band, comb -> hairdresser's salon. In this first location, different scenes are played until a player takes the item and leaves the imagined location with it. He takes the object with him into the next room/place where he continues to play. For example, a kleptomaniac customer in the hairdresser's shop takes the comb and goes out on the street. Then the next scenes play on the street (with strollers, car drivers, dog owners with dogs...) until the kleptomaniac enters the bank with the comb in his pocket. Here he pulls the comb out of his pocket, combs and leaves it in the bank's counter room...

The scenes don't have to be connected, the red thread is formed by the object. The number of people playing varies also. With the red thread on the stage, nothing can happen and the object lies around unnoticed.

It is very nice not to pay attention to the object for a certain time. He is simply there and inspires new typical scenes in this place.

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last update: 2019-02-27
by Guido Boyke

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