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Yes, and because

An exercise for 2 players. The two of them sit shoulder to shoulder on two chairs and play a kind of one person, namely an expert who talks about his field of expertise, or an inventor who talks about his sensational invention. What it is is dictated by the audience.

Both speak alternately, with each of them repeating, confirming and completing the sentence of the other.


  • A: I'm an expert on white sausages.
  • B: Yes, and because I'm an expert in white sausages, I have examined the white sausages very carefully.
  • A: Yes, and because I examined the sausages very carefully, I discovered that they make you fat.
  • B: Yes, and because the white sausages make you fat...

The exercise trains the Accept in its form: to say "Yes, and" to everything - and to build on it immediately and thus to justify it. In addition, the experience, which is important for improvisation, conveys that it is not possible to plan the development of the story in advance at any time, but rather that one has to react again and again to unforeseen new offers. Through this exercise, the player is put into a very constructive yes-setting, which makes him/her ready to react positively to a newly introduced idea at any time.

In contrast to "Yes, and then this exercise does not require action, but remains purely verbal. It is well suited for beginner workshops.

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