An exercise for 2 players. The two of them experienced something together and told each other about it while they were replaying it. The players stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder. All moves are made together (synchronously) (similar like in Word by word for two players).

The two of them alternately say what happened next. Each player confirms what the other player has just said with the words:"Yes, and then..." It is important that every sentence must be accompanied by an action (change of pose)!


  • A: "Do you remember how we got in the door?" (A and B open the door)
  • B: "Yes, and then we closed the door again." (A and B close the door)
  • A: "Yes, and then we looked around." (A and B look around)
  • B: "Yes, and then..."etc."

You can do the exercise with or without default (with default, e. g. title or location of the story, it is easier).

Meaning of the exercise: Accept, come into action and develop a story together.

See also the related exercises "Yes, and because" (Experts) and "Telling a story".

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