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Genre replay

Genre replay is one of the most popular games at improv theater. First an arbitrary suggestion (e. g. an everyday action) is taken from the audience and two to three players play a neutral scene. This scene shouldn't be too long and not too complicated.

After the end of this scene, the audience is asked to name any (film, television or theatre) genre. ( see also Genre list). Now the opening scene is repeated in the desired genre (therefore "Replay").

One or two more replay scenes in other genres will follow.

Example genres: Western, science fiction, sitcom, commercial...

Tips and hints:

You don't have to be slavish about the plot, the characters and objects of the original scene, but you have to adapt them to the genre. This can be done generously, but only the important, formative elements of the original scene should always be present. It is helpful to know the typical characteristics (Clich├ęs) of the most common genres. It also doesn't hurt to watch a typical movie (e. g. Bollywood. If you don't want to play certain genres, they are named as an example during the initial moderation. ("Please name me a film genre like science fiction or "Love movie"). Unknown or out-of-the-ordinary genre suggestions could be rejected (e. g."We just had that last week"). You can also ask what distinguishes the genre in question (e. g."What are the typical characteristics of the Fassbinder-Films?").

See also: Fairytale Replay

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